Peru cajamarca | guide to cajamarca, latest edition 2022

Cajamarca is a mountain town about eight hours inland by bus from the seaside city of Trujillo.

The city is deeply connected to the history of Peru and is home to the Sacred Mountain.

It is famous for its dairy products, and some shops in Lima offer a wide range of aumad (hard, matured cheese) and butter to enjoy with wine.

On this page, the author will summarise travel information on Cajamarca (2022 edition).

It can be roughly divided into these three categories

  • Cajamarca at a glance
  • Places in Cajamarca
  • Spots around Cajamarca

So, let’s get going!


Cajamarca overview

The ‘set meal MENU’ we ate in the city of Cajamarca cost between 6 and 8 Soles!

Snacks like ceviche con frito can be had for as little as 5 soles!

Cajamarca offers a wide range of activities. Trekking and mountain bike touring, for example.

If the time of year is right, there is a carnival


I visited in March, when it rained most of the time, so I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had some rain gear.

Outdoor activities are very attractive, so a poncho, Gore-Tex trekking shoes and a folding umbrella are useful.


Buses (combis) can take you anywhere in the city for two soles.

Shared-ride buses to areas around Cajamarca leave from the Ovalo Músical area.

From Cajamarca to Cajabamba, Serendin, etc.

From the centre to Ovalo Músical (2 soles) – Baños del Inca (2 soles)

Cajamarca City

From Ovalo Músical, bottom right, there is a combi to Santa Apolonia, the lower frame of Plaza de Armas (2 Soles).

From Ovalo Músical, both Plaza de Armas and El Kinde are 20-30 minutes’ walk away.

From Ovalo Músical it is an hour’s walk along the promenade to Baños del Inca

Ovalo Músical

Buses in all directions leave from this area.

Buses from Trujillo and Linia floeles also stop here.

There is a park nearby and a promenade to Baños del Inca.

Santa Apolonia

Santa Apoloniaからカハマルカの街を見おろす

You can walk up from Plaza de Armas.

The stairway is lined with shops selling handmade handicrafts (artesanal) on the way up, so the steep steps are not too strenuous.

Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cajamarca.

It’s a beautiful view that will soothe your soul.

There is also a café where you can take a break.

El Kinde

The area around El Quinde has a different atmosphere to Centro, with many shopping malls and trendy cafés.

Around Cajamarca

Baños del Inca

Baños del Inca offers hot springs.

They are cleaned after each use and kept clean (similar to Japanese hot springs).

There is a Banco de la Nación counter in front of the Baños del Inca hot spring facilities, where you can withdraw money cheaply.

The shops and fruit juices in the vicinity are overpriced, with fruit juice costing 8 Soles.

If you go straight to the back of the main street, you will find a shop serving MENU.

If you want to eat cheaply, this is a good place to go.


Liacanora is a village about 15 minutes by combination from Ovalo Musical.

The Plaza de Armas, in the centre of Liacanora, is a well-maintained and beautiful square.

There is a waterfall that can be reached on foot from Llacanora, attracting many tourists.

On the walkway up to the waterfall, you can buy delicious ‘choochos’.

Granja Porcon

Lulu, a fox who was raised thinking she was a dog, was protected and now lives in Granja Porcon.

Loulou is a very famous fox in Peruvian news.

Here, vicuñas and other animals are kept, and the entrance fee is 10 Soles and you can stay all day.

You can also buy cheese from here, which is not available in Cajamarca, from 14 Soles per block.

The yoghurt here is also very tasty.

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