Cost of Living in Lima Residents introduce real life

I want to live in Lima, Peru, but how much does it cost?

To answer these questions, what are the initial costs of living in Peru, South America, and what are the fixed monthly costs? We tell you in summary.

The cost of living for me alone in Lima is $350-$420 a month to live on.

A breakdown of the costs of living alone in the city of Lima for six months.

  • Renting a room on Airbnb
  • Living without self-catering

Calculated on this basis.

All added together, the cost of living for six months is

The cost of living in Lima, Peru, for six months costs around $3,500.

It is calculated that a person can live on about USD 600 per month by not cooking for themselves and eating only in restaurants.

This is about the same cost as in the Asian countries Thailand and the Philippines.

Lima, Peru is a Spanish-speaking country and is recommended for study abroad as the Spanish language is one of the cleanest in South America.

You can save a bit more and live even more cheaply if you cook for yourself or find a room locally.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these areas.


Rents in Lima and how to find them

How to find a room in Lima

  • Walk around and look for ‘room available’ signs
  • Find on Facebook Market
  • Search on Airbnb

You can look for these in three different patterns. Finding locally is the cheapest and Airbnb is the most expensive.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Walk around and look for ‘room available’ signs

If you rent directly with the owner on site and negotiate directly with the owner, the monthly rent is around USD 70 to USD 200.

Utility charges may or may not be included and should be asked about when signing the contract.

When negotiating directly with the owner, it is important to note: “Make a written contract.”

The first time I rented directly with the owner, I had a problem because I did not sign a contract.

The room had totally different equipment and WIFI availability, but it wasn’t remedied because there was no written contract …

Make a written contract at the beginning to avoid this.

Find on Facebook Market

The Facebook marketplace has flats for rent on offer and can help you find a good room at a low price.

Some of the rooms are furnished and cosy, and you can search for a furnished room with photos.

The process is to contact the owners and negotiate with them in Facebook.

Search on Airbnb

Rent is ‘$200 to $350’ with Airbnb and utilities are included in the price by Airbnb.

Renting on Airbnb is more expensive than renting locally, but

  • The identity of the other party is clear
  • It is fully furnished
  • WIFI is provided
  • They can tell you what you don’t know

These advantages include.

To rent out a room on Airbnb, you need to provide proof of identity, so you can rest assured that the owner is who they say they are.

Most of them are also equipped with WIFI, so it is very helpful to be able to connect to the internet before getting a local SIM.

Food costs in Lima

Local people often have a light breakfast with bread, a hearty lunch with soup and main course, and a light evening meal.

For lunch, there are many set meal restaurants, where a meal costs about USD 2.5 and is basically a large portion, so with USD 200 a month you can eat whatever you like every day without having to cook for yourself.

This is about the same amount of money you can buy in Peruvian markets.

1kg rice$0.9
4 breads$0.25
litre of milk$1.4
7 eggs$0.9
litre of beer$1.8
Food prices in Lima

Mercado (market)

Mercado (markets) offer fresh produce and cosy set menus at low prices.

Prices and quality vary from shop to shop, so it is a good idea to visit several to check prices and freshness.

As you get to know each other and become friends, they may be able to offer you recommendations for the day.

It is recommended to use Mercado for your daily shopping as it saves you a lot of money.


Supermarkets have the advantage that you can shop even if you don’t understand Spanish, because although the prices are a little higher, you don’t need to have a ‘conversation’ with them, such as asking for prices.

I used to shop in supermarkets at first because I didn’t understand Spanish.

The psychological hurdle was low because I didn’t need to speak Spanish, as I just put the items in a basket and took them to the cashier.

But at the checkout, I would get the “Do you need a receipt?” ‘Do you have your loyalty card?’ I always stumble at the checkout…


These are the costs of emigrating abroad, “Lima, Peru, South America”.

We will summarise at the end.

The cost of living in Lima, Peru, for six months.

Rent $350 per month x 6 months = $2100
Food $200 per month x 6 months = $1200

Calculated to cost “$3300 in total”.

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